Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas - Picture of Dr. Ross with a woman getting invsalign tretment.

A Cosmetic Dentist for the Las Vegas Community!

Woman smiling after cosmetic dental workIn a city like ours, you need a Cosmetic Dentist that pays attention to details and aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry can restore or improve the appearance and functionality of your smile. Doctor Ross takes advantage of the latest dental technology to provide you with highly effective cosmetic procedures.

A Cosmetic DentisT CAN PROVIDE Confidence

A Cosmetic Dentist can give you the confidence you need to smile and laugh freely in every social situation. You may feel better about speaking with your co-workers, giving presentations or reports, and interacting with brand new acquaintances. When you can smile with confidence, you can live with pride in your appearance and in yourself.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Health

Besides improving the appearance of your smile, Doctor Ross can increase your long-term oral health by giving you a straight and healthy smile.

When you see a beautiful smile in the mirror, you will feel more motivated to brush and floss regularly to maintain your attractive grin. Furthermore, you will find it much easier to remove bacteria from your gums and teeth when you are working with a smooth and consistent surface.


Our cosmetic dental professionals offer all of the following cosmetic dental procedures and more:

Woman Getting Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation in Las Vegas.Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

How can cosmetic dentistry transform your smile? Cosmetic dentistry can:

  • Correct an overbite or crossbite
  • Brighten your teeth
  • Repair chips, cracks, and breakage
  • Fill gaps in the smile
  • Change the size or shape of unappealing teeth

So, if you have ever felt ashamed to share your smile, it may be time to talk with Dr. Ross. He will help you determine which cosmetic dental procedures can change your life, enhance your appearance, and improve your self-esteem. We will find a method that is affordable and effective for you!

Ready to benefit from a perfect smile? Please contact us today! We will schedule a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dental professionals at your earliest convenience.