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Missing teeth can add difficulty to your daily life. You may have trouble eating and speaking properly, and you probably feel self-conscious about your smile.

No one should have to struggle through life with missing teeth! That’s where our attractive custom-made dentures come in. Dentures can restore your fully-functional and confident smile with just a few visits to Dr. Ross.

Types of Dentures

You will choose between partial and full dentures based on the number of your teeth that are missing or damaged. If you still have many healthy teeth left in your smile, a partial denture could be the right choice for you. Patients who could benefit from a complete arch restoration may be better off with a full set of dentures.

You will also have your choice between traditional and permanent dentures. Traditional, or removable dentures, are held in place by a pink plastic base that seals with the gums. Permanent dentures are held securely in place by dental implants.

If you choose permanent dentures, your dental implants will be anchored into the jawbone, beneath the gumline. Your partial or full dentures can then be attached to the dental implants for a reliable and comfortable fit.

The Benefits of Dentures

Dentures will benefit your health, aesthetic, and confidence. Some of the advantages of dentures include:

Chew Comfortably | It can be painful or even impossible to chew your favorite foods when you are missing teeth. You may have to avoid chewing on the tender gums, or have to eliminate some foods from your diet altogether. With dentures, you can expand your diet and begin chewing comfortably again.

Speak with Ease | Tooth loss can lead to speech impediments. You may find yourself avoiding various social interactions because of this difficulty. After you grow accustomed to your traditional or permanent dentures, you will be able to speak with ease again.

Balance your Jaw | If you are missing teeth, the balance of your jaw can be thrown off, leading to headaches, facial pain, and TMJ disorder. Your dentures can rebalance your jaw and restore its functionality.

Restore your Self-Esteem | Ready to feel proud of your appearance again? Our custom-made dentures can give you a bright, beautiful smile and restore the youthful volume of your face.

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