Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

stock-9When teeth become weak, chipped, discolored, or even missing, dental crowns and bridges can save your smile. Our porcelain crowns and bridges can restore the beautiful shape, size, and color of your teeth while also adding strength and durability to your smile.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that are crafted to encapsulate the entire visible tooth. Porcelain crowns are quite popular because they match the appearance of natural teeth. They are also strong, and both chip and stain-resistant.

When you choose Dr. Ross for your dental crown makeover, you can rest assured that they will provide an optimal fit and appearance. Our professionals are both your dentist and your friends, and they want more than anything to bring your dream smile to life.

Dental crowns can:

  • Repair a tooth destroyed by a large cavity or injury
  • Enhance the look of the smile by improving color, shape, and size
  • Repair a fractured filling
  • Improve the strength of the tooth, especially after root canal therapy




With dental technology advancing, so have the methods to fabricate a crown. For example, we can now fabricate the crown in the office in the same appointment. This can be done without uncomfortable dental impressions. We use Computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing or CAD CAM. Your teeth are scanned with a special dental camera. The image is then used to digitally design a crown. After the design is done in the computer, the file is sent to a machine, here in our office, where the crown is made. It is then placed in a small furnace for final curing. The crown is now ready to be cemented. This entire process takes about 30 minutes and is all done in our office.

This new technology has been used in dentistry for over 15 years.  There are some instances where an in office crown would not be the material of choice. If that does happen a lab fabricated crown would be the best option.

At Fine Dentistry in Las Vegas, we implement both methods for crown fabrication.  We are happy to provide the highest and latest standard of care.  Please view this simple animation for an example of in office crown procedure.

Before and after from a patient receiving a same-day dental crown.
What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are fixed devices that fill in gaps caused by missing teeth. Dental bridges have been tried and tested for years, and patients continue to find great success with this simple dental appliance. A bridge is made of two customized dental crowns and one pontic (replacement tooth or teeth).

Dental bridges can restore your proper chewing function and your ability to speak easily. They will result in an appealing aesthetic as well as a better bite.

If you need restorative dentistry with a dental crown or bridge, you can achieve the results you want within 2-3 visits to our friendly office. During your first appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth and prepare your smile for your new dental appliance. After the lab has created your personalized crown or bridge, we will complete the permanent bonding process.

Doctor Ross is experienced and talented in the realm of restorative dentistry. If you need to return your teeth to optimal function and aesthetic, contact us today for gentle restorative care!